I was very fortunate to perform with the International Percussion Show "STOMP" from June 1996 until March 2009.  I got into the show by way of an open audition in which there were more than 1,500 people auditioning for the show in New York.  They only took 7 people out of the 1,500 to do STOMP in that time period.  I started out in the New York company for one month before being sent to the US tour of STOMP.  For the next 2 years I traveled with STOMP extensively througout the US.  I also traveled with STOMP to Canada, Chile, Argentina and Brazil during this time. In June of 1998, I was called to perform with STOMP in Germany with the European touring company.  I was appointed Rehearsal Director of the company and we presented the show in Germany, England, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, France, Poland, Russia, China, Venezuela and many other countries.  My experience in STOMP has shown me a lot about how to be a leader, how to follow, individual work ethic, diplomacy, group work ethic, constistency, puncuality, comorodory, setting high standards, theater, mucic, movement, staging, adjusting to situations and an overall good sense of performance along with the importance of committing 100% of effort into each show.  

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